Stage Products Dosage / Acre Benefits
Seed treatment Lead Star + Crown 1gm + 1-2gm/1-2kg seeds Helps in better germination and prevents fungal diseases
At the time of sowing / at four leaf stage- at root zone application Basement 5kg / acre Protects crop from all soil borne deficiences and diseases and help for better establishment of roots.
20-25 Days Lead Star + Happy Nano 100gm + 50gm Helps in recovery from nutrient deficiences, increase the number of branches to provide a good stature of the shoot system
35-45 Days (at the time of flowering) Siltron+ Oxigen 200gm + 1 gm Provides silicon and imparts resistance to diseases and pests.
50-55 Days Oxigen + Happy Nano 1gm + 50 gm Provides vigorous flowering and provides balance nutrition to plants to produce healthy flowering, prevents the flower drop.
65-75 Days Ful Size 500ml / acre Helps in increasing fruit size and quality.