• It is a Products performance enhancer
  • Mobile activates the active ingredient and mechanism of a product.
  • It works for Fast, Better and long lasting results.
  • It works on membrane transfer mechanism.
  • It works as a penetrator for all molecules.
  • It develops immunity in plant.
  • It acts as Anti ageing and Anti stress.
  • It is an intermediate to mix with any other agri inputs to increase the performance of the product.
  • It is 100% water soluble and can also be used as tank mix.
Recommended Crops All Crops
Stage Along with other molecule
Dose ---
Application Method Foliar Spray

Fix Ultra

  • Helps in balancing pH of water
  • Improves leaf absorbtion and helps in the penetration.
  • Prolongs the effeiciency of the pesticides.
  • Reduces surface tension for enhance spreading and sticking propertiers on leaf surfaces.
  • Improves activity of pesticides, fertilizers and micro nutrients in acdic or alkaline water.
  • Helps to keep spray Equipment clear and prevent clogging of nozzles.
Recommended Crops All crops
Dose 5-10 ml/20 ltrs of water (mix until appearance of desired pink shade)
Application Method Foliar Spray