Stage Products Dosage / Acre Benefits
At the time of plantation Basement 5-10kg/acre along with fertilizers Protects crop from soil borne deficiencies and diseases and help from better establishment of roots.
With RDF Lead Star 500gm / acre with fertilizers / in drip Improves root growth and development at early stage. Helps in more NPK and Micro nutrients uptake
After Bahar treatment Lead Star + Happy Nano 200gm + 50gm / 200 liters of water Gives Immediate recovery from stress and leaves emerge
After 5 days after the above Siltron + Aastha 200gm + 500ml / 200 liters of water Provides Silicon. Prevents infectation of disease and pests
At flowering satge Oxigen+ Happy Nano+Cikis 1gm + 50gm+100gm / 200 liters of water For excellent flowering and less flower drop
Repeat the above Spray at 15 days interval Improves flowering
After 45 days of fruit setting Lead Star 300ml / 200 liters of water The flower and fruit related hormones helps in healthy development of fruits which leads to uniform and better fruit development
Fruit at lemon sized stage (weight 50-100 gm) Siltron + Happy Nano 200gm + 50gm / 200 liters of water For development of soft skin of fruit and helathy growth of fruit. Provides silicon, prevents oily spot diseases
Fruit at bigger size (200-250gm) Siltron + Ful Size 200gm + 500ml / 200 liters of water During develoment of fruits it prevents from fruit cracking or rottening