Stage Products Dosage / Acre Benefits
At the time of Nursery Basement 1 kg (For one acre nursery bed) Helps in better germination and prevents nursery from soil borne diseases
Nursery- bed- 15 days Happy Nano 10gm/20 ltrs (For one acre nursery bed) Correct nutrient deficiences, gives strength to withstand after transplantation.
At the time of plantation Basement 5 kg/acre broadcast with sand or along with fertilizers Protects crop from soil borne deficiencies and diseases and help from better establishment of roots.
10-15 Days after transplanting 3Lead Star 250gm / basal application along with fertilizers/Urea Better development of Fibrous roots, increases the number of tillers, and gives greenish growth
20-50 Days Siltron 1 Kg/ Acre Provides Silicon, and imparts resistance to diseases and pests, prevents lodging.
At 30-35 days after transplatation Lead Star + Happy Nano 100gm + 50gm along with first spray of pesticides or fungicide Helps in fast recovery from nutrient deficiences, increases the photosynthetic activity and gives greenish growth
Panicle Initiation stage Oxigen + Happy Nano 1gm + 50gm/ 150-200 liters of water Provides a synchronous panicle emergence, which help in preventing the uneven maturity of grains
Grain filling stage Full size + Happy Nano 500ml + 50gm/ 150-200 liters of water Improves grain filling capapcity of the panicle and prevents chaffy grains. Improvesquality & Shining of grains along with even grain size.