Stage Products Dosage / Acre Benefits
Basal Dose Basement 5-10kg/ acre along with fertilizer Helps in vigorous development and estalblishment of white roots
In nursery Lead Star + Happy Nano 15gm+5gm / 15 ltrs for spray Helps in healthy and even growth of seedlings
At the time of plantation Basement 5 kg/ acre along with fertilizers Protects crop from all soil borne diseases and help for better development of bulb.
15-20Days Lead Star 250gm along with fertilizers Helps in lush green growth of leaves and strengthen root zone
30-35Days Siltron + Happy Nano 200gm + 50gm / 200 liters of water Helps to provide essential nutrients during growth.
45-50 Days Siltron+ Oxigen 200gm+1gm/ 200 liters of water It helps in growth of leaves and enhances stiffness of the foliage.
65-70Days Happy Nano+ Ful Size 50gm+500ml/ 200 liters of water Helps in development and growth of onion bulbs. Helps to increase pest disease tolernace of crop.