An agro nano technology product

  • It is an innovative & powerful antioxidant which works effectively on broad spectrum fungal diseases.
  • It has both preventive & curative action.
  • It is 100 % bio degradable, with Zero PHI and leaves no residue.
  • It is made up of specialty nutrients and vitamins in bio-active metabolic form which readily available for plant cells.
  • It also recovers plant from micronutrient deficiency and helps in root and shoot formation.
  • It makes plant healthy and improves immunity in plants.
  • It also develops resistance against abiotic and biotic factors.
  • Its 100% water soluble
Recommended Crops Cereals, Pulses, oil seeds, Fruit and Vegetables crops, rice, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, Grams, Soybean, Groundnut, Pomo, Grapes, Banana, Papaya, Citrus, Tomato, Chillies, Brinjal, Okra.
Stage For Preventive and Curative
Dose 50gm / 150 Ltrs of water
Application Method Foliar Spray or Drenching