Lead Star

  • No. 1 highly concentrated yield enhancer product in the industry.
  • It helps in more branching/tillering which results in more flowers and hence more yield.
  • It helps plant in early recovery from stress conditions.
  • It enhances the root growth of the plant.
  • Provides all the natural mineral nutrients required for the fast development of more white roots that grow deeper and wider into the soil.
  • Promotes uptake of nutrients from lower layers of the soil which lie un-utilized.
  • It increases photosynthesis which makes crop lush green.
  • Enhance firmness and prolonged shelf-life of most fruits and vegetables.
Recommended Crops Paddy, Maize, Chillies, Cotton, Vegetables, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Pulses, Watermelon, Creepers, Cole Crops, Grapes, Citrus, Creepers, Pomogranate, Flowers
Stage 20-25 Days after transplantation
Dose 250 gm / acre, Soil application/drip
100 gm / 100 ltrs, Foliar Spray
Application Method Along with fertilizers / Urea


  • Silica tabs supply essential silicic acid to crops.
  • It improves quality of rice grain.
  • It increases dry matter.
  • It reduces lodging problems in plants.
  • It prevents grain shedding.
  • It improves photosynthesis efficiency.
  • It increases disease tolerence.
  • It improves light interception.
  • It improves P utilization efficiency.
  • It helps in soil ph correction.
Recommended Crops Paddy
Stage 15-50 days
Dose 1 kg
Application Method Apply in field with 3 inches of standing water, keep gap of 7 days with Urea application.

Recommended Crops All other Crops
Stage 40-45 days
Dose 100gm / 100 litres of water
Application Method Repeat 3-4 sprays at a interval of 15 days


  • An Nano Technology Product, the best plant energizer, flowering stimulant and yield booster.
  • Reduces effects of abiotic and biotic stress.
  • It improves vigour of plant, with more branches and foliage.
  • Efficiency and uptake of pesticides and fertilizer increases if applied in combination of this product. It does chelating effect on micro nutrients.
  • It acts as flower booster and helps in more flowering and arrests flower dropping. It can be applied on all crops at all stages.
  • It restricts fruit drop and promotes development of fruit.
Recommended Crops All Crops
Stage At growing & flowering stage
Dose 1 gm / 150-200 litres of water
Application Method Foliar Spray


  • It induces more branching and foliage.
  • It increases chlorophyll content in leaves.
  • It increases number flowers and fruits and reduces the flower dropping.
  • Its application turns in increase in yield with quality output.
  • It gives immediate greenery to leaves and leads to healthy growth.
  • It increases yields and makes crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers with a better taste, long lasting quality and without toxic residues.
Recommended Crops All Crops
Stage Growing & fruit Setting stage
Dose 250 ml / 100 litres of water
Application Method Foliar Spray

Full Size

  • It is a Natural Mineral powered by Fruit Size Enhancer.
  • It’s helps to promote elongation of cells and natural mineral helps in strengthening and development of cell walls, cell division, fruit & seed development and Sugar transport.
  • It makes availability of balanced nutrition to plant which is essential for optimum crop growth.
  • Provides essential elements to plant for good growth and structure and also regulated various cell and plant functions.
Recommended Crops All Crops
Stage Fruit Setting stage
Dose 3ml / 1 ltr of water
Application Method Foliar Spray