Stage Products Dosage Benefits
During May- June and Oct - Nov Basement 5-10 kg through soil application along with fertilizer Helps to give strength to plant to withstand and provides all required nutrients. Helps in overall growth and development.
After Pruning Lead Star 500gm / 200 liters of water Gives immediate recovery fromw stress and leaves emerge
At flowering stage Oxigen 1 gm / 200 liters of water Promotes vigorous flowers
After 15 days of above spray Happy nano 50gm / 200 liters of water Increases floweirng and reduces flower drop
At fruit setting stage Lead Star +Happy Nano 200gm + 50 gm / 200 liters of water For development of fruit. Helps in fulfilling nutrient requirement of tree.
After 15 days of above spray Full Size + Happy Nano 500ml + 50 gm / 200 liters of water Helps in increasing size and quality of fruits. Provides nutrients which are essential at fruit development stage.